【延期 新日程 2021/10/30-10/31】RDC "Back To The Real”

  • date_range 10.30 (Sat) 09:00 ⇨ 10.31 (Sun) 22:00 / ※オールナイトではなく2日間開催となります。
  • grade Disco / House / Techno
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First time ever, outdoor all nighter as a spin-off event!

RDC “Back To The Real” COVID-19対策に関するステートメント


本日は、10月30日、31日に開催予定のRDC’’Back To The Real’’再延期公演でのCOVID-19対策に関するステートメントを発表させていただきます。





そうした状況において、我々は来場者 / 出演者 / スタッフのイベントへの参加条件をアップデートし、来場者 / 出演者 / スタッフはもちろん、近隣住民の方々や社会に対しても責任を持ちながら新しい形をしっかりと提示できる開催形式を模索していきます。


具体的には、ワクチン2回接種 / 既感染者の証明 / 48時間以内のPCR検査陰性証明などをイベント参加の必須条件とすることを検討しております。








[お問い合わせフォーム] https://zaiko.io/contactus

[ご返金期間]  10月31日 (日) 23時59分 までにご連絡ください。









[お問い合わせフォーム] https://zaiko.io/contactus

[ご返金期間]  10月31日23時59分 までにご連絡ください。




[銀行口座情報 必要事項]







RDC “Back To The Real” Statement on COVID-19 Countermeasures


Hello everyone.

Today, we would like to talk about the COVID-19 countermeasures for the RDC ''Back To The Real'' scheduled for October 30 and 31.


As of the end of August, when we are writing this statement, the delta strain of the COVID-19 infection is still spreading nationwide. Under such circumstances, we believe that no matter how painful it was, our decision to reschedule the event was not a mistake. 


Many events were held at the end of August and as we came in contact with various opinions and information surrounding these events, we realized that hosting an event under the current event guidelines will not be sufficient and be very dangerous.

We believe this will still be true even at the end of October when we are planning to hold the event. 


Under such circumstances, we realize that we will need to update the conditions of participation for our guests, performers, and staff. We are looking for a new event format that will be responsible not only for our guests, performers, and staff but also to the host town neighborhood and society. 


Specifically, we are considering making either proof of two vaccination shots, previous infection, or a negative PCR test within 48 hours a prerequisite for participation in the event.


Please give us some time while we examine case studies from events held overseas and gather information about considerations within Japan (e.g., difficulty in obtaining proof of infection/recovery). 

*If you know anyone that can guide us through this process, please let us know. 


As for the resale of tickets, we will start after the above conditions for participation in the event are decided. Currently, we are aiming for late September.


At the same time, we will extend the period for ticket refunds from the original date of August 31 up until the end of the event.  


We would like to be mindful of all those who are feeling uneasy about the current situation, those who are unable to meet the conditions for participation, those who have a difference of opinion about COVID-19 and vaccines, and those who became ill at the last minute. 


Regarding ticket refund

[Contact form] https://zaiko.io/contactus

[Refund Period] Please send us your refund request by 23:59 on October 31st.


We will continue to work to host the event as planned but we would like to inform you that we are considering the possibility of canceling the event due to various factors such as we as the organizing group is nearing the limit of our capacity due to the repeated postponement/cancellation of parties since 2020, we see that such events like ours have become a source of division within the scene and society as a whole and that the COVID-19 infection situation is not improving. 


There is not much we can promise at this point, and we can only tell you the direction we are heading. However, we hope to stay strong even during such difficult times and create a meaningful party with new values together with you. Thank you for your continued support.


[Regarding ticket carry-over]

If you keep the ticket you have purchased, it will be a valid 2 day ticket for the event with new dates. *Cancelled tickets sales will only be 2 day tickets, no single day ticket available. 


[Regarding ticket refund]

Please use the contact form from the URL below to send us your refund request.


<Refund period> Please send us your refund request by 23:59 on October 31st.


* If you have chosen "konbini" (convenience store) payment, please send us your bank account information. 

<Required bank account information>

Bank name, Branch name, Branch code, Account type, Account number, Account name


Please note no refund can be made if you don't contact us during the refund period.


We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.